Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday Update: Swag & Grog

Sorry, I meant "Drag & Drop". The problem-ridden drag UI has been refined and improved to allow for more future uses. Anyway, here's the list of changes for this rollout:

  • Hovering works hides the class icon.
  • Hovering movicles loads and plays the animation.
  • Improved cache-piercing: changes to picoids are now reflected on index pages on next load.
  • Clicking a work no longer opens the editor, but selects the work. To edit a work or see its details, double-click it. When not logged in, clicking will work as before.
  • Hold Ctrl and click to accumulate works to your selection. All selected works can be dragged.
  • Valid drag targets ("work boxes") highlight in red when hovered.
  • Insertion point is now marked by a red line.
  • When drag & dropping to other boxes, selected works will be copied.
  • When drag & dropping within the same box, selected works will be moved. Holding Ctrl while dropping will create a copy instead.

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