Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursday Update: Movicles and Publishing

First of all, about publishing:

You may have noticed that the front page is now rather empty. This is because new content will no longer bubble to the front page, but remain on your user page until you click the "Publish" button, which is the button with the little sun on it in the info box. Note that unpublished works are not invisible: people who visit your user page will still see them. But your works will not turn up on the front page and "Most Recent" list.

We added this feature so you have greater control on when to show off your work, and also keep individual animation frames unpublished, so they don't show up along with the final animation.

Moving on. In the past days, we've added a bunch of new features, here's a round-up:

  • Movicles: you can now create APNG animations from your picoids. The interface is very similar to bundles: just drag and drop picoids to your pocket, and from there to the animation.
  • Publishing: unpublished work is only visible on userpages, and hidden from public lists.
  • All general operation icons (Delete, Clone) have been moved to the info box.
  • Remixes are shown for bundles, too.

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