Sunday, November 13, 2011

Site Redesign

The past days have been spent redesigning the site to make better use of screen estate; I also wanted to use a darker color scheme, so the user content shines more.

We picked a new font, Terminal Dosis by the gifted free font designer Pablo Impallari. At different weights, the font goes from thin minimal  engineering-planning strokes to thick fun-playful strokes, which communicates the goals of the Bottleship rather well.

The initial plan was to rewrite parts of the site, but as that took to long, I applied what I had learned to the already existing design. Here's a short list of changes:
  • Dark scheme to bring out the colors and exhibit user content better. Some inspiration was drawn from the Blender 2.5 UI design.
  • Fixed page layout, fixed footers, scroll bar is now only present in the content area.
  • Pocket is now permanently fixed to the left side, plain and simple.
  • Works (Picoids, Bundles, ...) use a 50% gray background to work against any contrast.
  • Site designed to work with a screen width of 960px, that's one half of a 1080p screen.
  • Site menu folded into dropdown menus.

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