Friday, October 21, 2011

Catch a Falling Star, Put it in Your Pocket

The first new feature on our way to bundles to and animations has arrived: your pocket.

Once you are signed into Bottleship, your pocket appears at the bottom of every page you visit. It acts as temporary space for works you want to carry across multiple pages or remember for later.

Try it yourself: drag any picoid from a page to the pocket content area to put it in your pocket. Your pocket will contain a reference to that picoid until you remove it by dragging it to the "remove" icon at the far right of your pocket. This empties the item from your pocket.

The pocket is saved in your browsers local storage area, which means that it is always local to your browser - we do not store its contents on the server. If you use Bottleship from a different browser or clear your browsers cookies, your pocket will be empty too.

Pockets are going to be elemental for creating bundles and animations: you will be able to easily add new elements to your work by dragging and dropping picoids from your pocket to a bundle or animation.

More to follow this weekend, stay tuned.

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