Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Update: Voting

  • Reddit-style voting is now partially in place. You can up/downvote Picoids to show your appreciation/disgust at individual works.
  • The front page now shows the most recently created picoids, sorted by score ("hot" sorting).
  • A new "most recent" page shows picoids created or changed within the last seven days, sorted by last changed date.


  1. Showing my disgust isn't a very constructive action don't you think?

  2. Ushlak, I think it depends on the picture.

  3. So there is right and wrong in art?

  4. Ushlak, better not read too much into my tongue-in-cheek wording on the Changelist. The arrows are meant to give you the ability to influence the rating of an image. There is work which you'd probably like to see featured more prominently, and there is stuff which you find to be offensive, hateful or against community spirit, and which you'd like to feature less prominently. You are free to take the appropriate action, or to not act at all.