Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Update: Voting

  • Reddit-style voting is now partially in place. You can up/downvote Picoids to show your appreciation/disgust at individual works.
  • The front page now shows the most recently created picoids, sorted by score ("hot" sorting).
  • A new "most recent" page shows picoids created or changed within the last seven days, sorted by last changed date.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Update: Deleting, More Picking, Tooltips

Just rolled out the last features and bug fixes for today, here's the complete list of what changed this weekend:

  • Picoids can now be "deleted", which works through revoking ownership. Picoids deleted this way will be moved to a special bot account, the account of "Mr. Dumpster", where they stay until we figure out what to do with them. Mr. Dumpsters picoids do not show up in remixes and on the front page. (Ticket #23)
  • Ctrl+Click now picks the color under the cursor. (Ticket #29)
  • Hovering remix and front page picoids shows you the picoids owner.
  • Bumped number of front page picoids from 48 to 92.
  • Bug Fix: When cloning or forking picoids, the canvas is now properly updated; changes done on the original since start of viewing are properly reflected. (Ticket #16)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Feature Update: Cloning, Color Picking

We just rolled out a feature update. Here's a short summary of the changes:

  • User pages are now public. You can show off your user page now.
  • Picoids: Toolbar for painting tools.
  • Picoids: Tooltips. Hover an element to learn more about it.
  • Picoids: The color palette is now on the right side, next to the tools. Shortens paths and groups elements more logically.
  • Picoids: Color picker tool. Click, then click a color in the picoid to select your active color. Left click selects foreground, right click selects background color.
  • Picoids: Clone picoid tool. Clone existing or modified picoids. This also allows you to make copies of your own picoids. The tool has been tuned to prevent accidental clones as far as possible.
  • A handful of wording changes.
  • Bonus: Pattern button draws the edited picoid as background tiles, so you can test if your tiling works.
  • Fixed being able to edit picoids when not signed in. Too much work lost because of it.

Monday, September 12, 2011

What Bottleship is About

We've been unclear about what Bottleship actually is and what our goals are. Here's the transcript of the best explanation I could come up for now, from a Twitter Q&A:

Many of us dream of making a computer game or a machinima, yet we often find ourselves unable to gather the necessary assets and logic for such a project; assembling a productive team is even harder, when the only reward is fame and 15 minutes of popularity. We have a lot of awesome ideas we can't realize because of time or money constraints. Many hobbyist projects fall apart before they have even started.

Nyan Cat could have been a Bottleship project
With Bottleship, we want to solve this problem and foster massively crowd sourced entertainment - by the masses for the masses.

At Bottleship, you will be able to playfully create new content, and combine this content into larger pieces, collages and works. Everything created at Bottleship is Creative Commons licensed, so that any content can be copied, modified and integrated into your own projects.

This way, anything crafted here can be of use to everyone. Assets can change many hands before they turn into a successful idea, without contributors knowing each other, or having to plan ahead. Because assets are always created using Bottleship, everything can be combined into larger pieces. It just fits.

We focus on making the creation process fun, and taking the seriousness out of it. We do not want Bottleshippers to feel pressured, and invite them to play around instead. After all, this is the perfect condition for maximum creativity.

Bottleship was founded two weeks ago and is in early alpha stage. At the moment you can only pixel small textures (Picoids), but it will be possible to create sprites, animations, scripts, sounds, music, maps & levels, meshes and shaders later on.

Bottleship is currently invite only, but we already have a handful of dedicated members. If you'd like to join, but can't find anyone who's already a shipper, drop either Sylvia or me a mail and we'll send you an invite.

Browser compatibility: at the moment, both Google Chrome 12+ and Firefox 6+ on the Desktop are supported. We'll try to fix experiences on other browsers as far as possible, but using Bottleship with Google Chrome is highly recommended.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Migration complete!

You might have noticed: we have moved. The Bottleship has finally anchored at, so update your bookmarks, because this is going to be our domain for the foreseeable future!

Huge thanks to Synyx for the server space.